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Adhering to the concepts of technological innovation and service-oriented, Dynacard leads the technological trend, pioneers innovative applications of electronic tickets and cards, promotes the development of smart cities, and at the same time demonstrates Taiwan's soft power in technology and humanities. We have also launched a new customized commemorative card "Omycard", allowing users to create a new personalized transportation electronic ticket according to their personal preferences.

★One card for all your travel needs in Taiwan!
★Pay conveniently with your personalized OMYCARD

Scope of Omycard Use
→Supermarket/7-11/family mark
→Restaurant /Beverage
→Public service
→Shopping area

Website Process:
→Choose a template
→Choose your favorite photo
→Design your card
→Save the photo

Kiosk Process:
→Scan the QR code
→Choose your coupon
→Select a payment method
→Get your own card

Make your unique e-ticket now!