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Customized Card

Dynacard is committed to developing, manufacturing, and integrating high-precision semiconductor technology in the field of Contact IC card and Contactless Chip Card technology and has achieved impressive results.
With more than 20 years of industry experience, we are a major supplier of EasyCard and iPass, covering student ID cards, identification cards, employee ID cards, customized cards, and other products, totaling more than 200 million SIM cards and more than 80 million traffic cards. These include social welfare cards (including systems), Taipei student ID cards, and Taoyuan student ID cards from all cities in Taiwan.
In order to respond to market demands and changes, Dynacard has cooperated with Easy Card and IPass in the early stage to invest in the design and production of customized styling cards. From design, mold opening, proofing to mass production, we provide one-stop complete Services, we can customize the size and style according to customer needs.
Our core principles revolve around continuously pursuing innovation and excellence, focusing on talent development, and providing customers with satisfactory services. At the same time, we actively invest in public welfare undertakings and environmental protection technology, assume corporate social responsibilities, and promote social

1. Satisfied with the individual needs of users and design your own unique electronic ticket
2. Based on your personal taste, special commemoration, or unique style design, we can help you realize it
3. Product styles, mobile phone cases, watch straps, dolls, stationery... mass production according to customer needs
4. Use services to create the warmest gifts to show your heart and uniqueness