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Established in 1994, Dynacard is one of the first manufacturer for Flash and memory card business. Dynacard is committed to developing, manufacturing, and integrating high-precision semiconductor technology and has achieved impressive results.

Headquartered in Guanyin, Taoyuan, we have more than 250 employees working with most advanced equipments for testing and production.

Dynacard works with major suppliers like Samsung and Hynix to produce high level performance DRAM and Flash products Using our own strength in production, we are ready to introduce our own brand - Dynac to the world! Focusing on what we do best, SSD, dram modules, memory cards is our core product lines for Dynac. Dynacard is committed to bring the most high quality products at an afforadable pricing to allow more people to indulge themselves with the latest technology.

We not only produce flash products , we are also a major supplier of EasyCard and iPass, covering student ID cards, identification cards, employee ID cards, customized cards, and other products, " Totaling more than 200 million SIM cards and more than 80 million traffic cards.

We are also the only Sim card module assembling factory in Taiwan.

6PIN, 8PIN and e-SIM are all our assembling projects.

Our core principles revolve around continuously pursuing innovation and excellence, focusing on talent development, providing customers with satisfactory services.

At the same time, we actively invest in public welfare undertakings and environmental protection technology.

To better protect our environment, we use materials that are eco-friendly, and made sure all of our supply chain follow the same standard.

We comply with the most up to date industrial certification, dedicated to create a sustainable future for all.